Dr. Saurabh Kumar’s ideologies applied into his clinical paediatric practice is what sets him apart from the other practitioners. His wife who is also a doctor, an Anaesthesiologist believes in his ideologies and supports him in every way. One has to visit him with their children and see for themselves the kind of care he provides.

•He believes in devoting time and attention to each and every child or paediatric patient he sees. He understands the anxiety of parents and the concern for their children and believes that each and every child is precious, hence, however busy his schedule may be, he devotes the required time and attention to all his patients and his review patients too.

•Dr. Saurabh’s consultations are free for a week or upto two visits (whichever is earlier) for the same problem. He has carefully thought and formulated this system. The reason behind this system is that most of the acute diseases in paediatrics gets cured within three days to a week’s time. Hence he can follow up his paediatric patients and review their problems and investigations, etc without charging the parents repeatedly. His motive is to cure his paediatric patient without overburdening the parents financially.

•He is a firm believer in evidence based medicine and tries his best to implement the latest international and the Indian protocols and guidelines into his practice. He has been known to send many a children home with an empty prescription and just reassurance to the parents rather than prescribing unnecessary medicines and antibiotics etc.

•Another of his ideologies is the all round development of the children and that is the reason he devotes his precious time for counselling the paediatric patients and their parents for various problems.

•Dr. Saurabh is punctual and he limits his timings as well as the number of patients he sees in a day so that he can provide quality care to all his patients.



Saurabh KumarMay 20, 2015 at 1:56 am

I have been consulting Dr Saurabh(the child clinic) since the birth of my daughter who is 15 months old. Not only has he treated her really well but counselled me also amazingly in my needy times. If u want a wonderful paediatrician for your child he is the one you should go to

Saurabh KumarMay 20, 2015 at 1:56 am

We have been consulting Dr. Saurabh for my daughter Hari since when she was 6 months old, who has various issues like skin allergy, wheezing, constipation, UTI etc. Now she is 3.6 years.

He is an excellent doctor always and a good counselor in the most depressed times. He presents the facts but in a very understandable way, but does not panic the parents. He analyzes the problem by asking right questions which helped in many times to understand the root cause, so that we can avoid/correct it.
I should say, we are lucky to have doctor like Dr. Saurabh.

Saurabh KumarMay 20, 2015 at 1:56 am

Dr Saurav is one of the best paediatric doctor in Bangalore. I have been consulting him for both my daughter’s. In case of emergencies he has even advised on phone. His counseling is the best part in his treatment where parents are more anxious than the sick child. My elder daughter has been suffering from atopic dermatitis which is finally treated by Dr Saurav. I’m so relieved with the treatment he gave for her.

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