Dear Parents,

I chose this topic today because I am pained by misery through which a child with night bed wetting goes through like the humiliation by the friends and relatives , scolding from their parent and feeling of guilt in the child . All this leads to decrease in confidence of the child.

I will try to explain why night bed wetting happens. When a normal child sleeps at night and his/her urinary bladder gets full then a signal goes to the brain from bladder that its full and child wakes up to pass urine but in a child with history of night bed wetting there is failure of the signal from bladder to brain which leads to overfull bladder leading to involuntary release of urine in the night without any fault of the child.

Usually 70 % of the children come out of this problem on their own by age of 10 yrs and 99 % by age of 16 yrs.

It is a medical problem and can be treated, so please consult a pediatrician for it.


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