Dear Parents,

I usually talk about it to parents when there child already had one episode urinary tract infection [UTI]. So I thought why not discuss with all of you so that you all can take necessary steps to prevent UTI in your child. There will be four headings in which I will be discussing this and will elaborate each one separately

  1. Avoiding Constipation
  2. Timed or Regular voiding
  3. Normal water intake
  4. What does not cause UTI?

1. Constipation 

Constipation though on first thought looks not associated with UTI but is a major contributor to cause UTI. Constipation causes increase stool load in lower intestine and rectum which presses the urinary tract infront and this leads to UTI. To relieve constipation in a child more fibre to be added in the diet [like fruits , vegetables,whole dal]. Fiber helps in retaining more water within the intestine.So smoother evacuation.Talking about diet in constipation is itself one topic will discuss it later in some other blog. But would like to enumerate few things

Food stuff which are rich in fiber – Green leafy vegetable, beans, lady finger, drumstick, chikku, apple , banana,  whole dals [ not split dal]etc.

Food stuff not rich in fiber – Potatoes, rice, carrot,  grapes, mango etc [ Surprised!!!]

2. Timed or Regular Voiding

It means that child should be encouraged that he goes to pass urine every 3 to 4 hours. This practice is more important for a child who already had one episode of UTI, so it is not required for a normal child. This practice prevents stasis of urine thus preventing UTI.

3. Normal water intake

Its a old myth that child with UTI should consume more water but it has been found in studies that this practice is not useful, on the other hand increases the severity of UTI. Excess water stretches the urinary bladder which allows the bacteria to infiltrate deeper in the bladder wall.

4. What does not cause UTI?

Will enumerate these like using common toilets, dirty nappy pads.


Hoping this blog was helpful. Please feel free to leave your comments


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Saurabh KumarMay 28, 2015 at 4:25 pm

Hi Doctor, the 3rd point – normal water intake…this is interesting to know that bladder is stretched due to more water intake so bacteria may penetrate deeper thus causing severe infection. However, usually docs recommend to intake more water than normal in case of adults…is the case different in children than adults? Or is it not advisable for adults even? Kindly, suggest. Thanks

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    Saurabh KumarMay 28, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    This is true for even adults

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