The most common complain I hear from parents is that my child doesn’t eat healthy food items like dal , fruits , vegetables and eggs. So this blog I am devoting to how to make these food items interesting so children eats them without complain

Dal / Pulses

What I see that children like eating stuff parathas more than other food stuffs so for making dough of the chappati/ paratha use the cooked dal instead of water.


  • Green leafy vegetables can be added to dal while boiling the dal. So instead of plain dal you can make palak dal.
  • Beans, carrot or onion can be fine chopped and can be mixed with eggs or dosa batter, finally making omelette or dosa out of it


  • fruit custard
  • fruit cream [ with the help of Amul cream and sugar]
  • Fruits , curd and honey can be blended together to make a fruit shake
  1. Eggs

For children who don’t like eating boiled eggs or omelette , French toast is a good option in which bread can be soaked in egg and after that fry it on a pan.


I always tell parents that in case of children what you give them to eat is less important, but how you give or present it, matters more

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