As the dengue cases are on the rise so also all rumours and wrong information. So I thought through this post I will try to give some clarity and information to parents about the disease.

Dengue Fever

  • Is a viral infection which is transmitted by mosquitoes
  • Dengue is not transmitted by touch or eating together or staying together
  • It gets transmitted only when a mosquito bites a dengue patient and then same mosquito bites a healthy child
  • Symptoms of Dengue are fever [ moderate to high] , rashes [ on palms and front body most commonly seen], vomiting , body pain, mild cough and cold
  • Blood test – Dengue test comes positive , platelet low, haemoglobin slightly high
  • If diagnosed early can be treated successfully


  •  Any fever persisting more than 2 days for a child, please consult your pediatrician
  • To treat fever use only Paracetamol/Calpol/Crocin


  • Don’t allow water to stagnate near your house or balcony as this becomes the breeding place of mosquitoes
  • Put nets on the windows
  • Mosquitoe repellents like Allout etc can be used in homes
  • While taking small babies to park or garden make your they are properly covered as mosquitoe bites commonly on expose parts

What is not Dengue?

  • Fever with bad loose motion
  • Rashes which itch
  • Fever with ear pain

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