Just few months back I got a phone call from a mother of a newborn baby. She told me that she got my number from Google while she was searching for paediatrician. She further added that she was very worried about her newborn son, and had many questions about the child. I asked her to book an appointment through a mobile app  and meet me.

Next morning she was the first patient at my clinic with her 20 day old son, Aatish. Her husband also accompanied them. Both the parents were looking very anxious. It was quite normal for first time parents to be anxious. I quickly examined Aatish and concluded that baby was absolutely fine. Parents had a list of question, which they started shooting at me one after another. I patiently gave answer to all of them. The consultation went for 25 min that’s the maximum time I give to a patient. Usually after answering all questions the parents gets relaxed and will have a faint smile of relieve on their face, but this couple was still looking anxious and worried. I could not help myself and asked them that why they are still anxious though there is no issue with their child and I answered all their doubts best to my ability.

Mother replied “Doctor I conceived after 6 yrs of our marrriage, so this child is very precious for us that’s why we are so worried.” I instantly understood their problem. I told them that they had to let go of their past baggage of pain and suffering then only they can enjoy present joy of parenthood. My words immediately struck the cord with them, and I could see the parents getting relaxed immediately, as they completely understood the futility of carrying a baggage. They thanked me and left my clinic.

Carrying a baggage is never useful, whether it comprises of happy memories or painful. Baggage interferes with our present and never lets us experience the present completely. So to live the life completely let go of your baggage..

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Saurabh KumarSeptember 24, 2018 at 5:28 am

Yeh.. it’s so true . And I had experienced your patience too!! Thanks for being there for our kid whenever required

Saurabh KumarSeptember 24, 2018 at 5:28 am

Talking to you has always helped me get out of anxiety. I remember visiting you both in the morning and evening just because I didn’t know what was wrong with kriti. And I think what helps is, your words of support. I think that calms most parents. If the doctor is not worried, I think there isn’t anything to worry about.. And more than that, I think as parents we need to trust the doctor. Have faith and belief that the doctor can help our help and it has at many times with us. I can’t thank you enough for everything. Thank you?

Saurabh KumarSeptember 24, 2018 at 5:28 am

Very true Dr Sourab!!!

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